Czech crystal: advantages and types of candy vases

Bohemian glass is considered a symbol of wealth and refined taste. This is a unique Czech product, which is famous all over the world for its unique, aesthetic appearance and characteristic ringing inherent only in natural crystal.

Within the framework of this article, we will consider the features of vases for sweets made of Czech glass, we will outline their advantages and scope of use.

Where can you buy original Bohemian crystal candy vases
If you are looking for an online store that sells original products, we recommend buying vases on the website This is the largest online store in the whole Czech Republic, which is open to buyers from all over the world. Its advantages include:

  • constant expansion of the offer of goods presented on the website in the catalog;
  • providing a guarantee for the authenticity of the products sold;
  • a simple principle of online ordering with subsequent shipment around the world.

The site contains a maximum of information about the products themselves and the rules for ordering them. Based on the specified data, you can quickly place an order. The company offers its clients several convenient payment methods. If you need professional advice before purchasing a product, please contact the company’s managers by one of the specified phones or through the feedback form.

Characteristic features of Czech glass candy vases

A feature of Bohemia crystal is its unique radiance and perfect condition — there are no defects (bubbles or heterogeneous structure) at the base of the material. High-quality natural crystal belongs to the category of unique natural resources, which are available for sale in limited quantities, which automatically entails a fairly high price for products.

In the catalog of the store you will find an excellent assortment of vases of various shapes and designs intended for storing sweets and other sweets. These can be both classic models with a minimalist design, and vases with a formed type of smalt or gilded edging. Vases are in particular consumer demand, in which special overlays made of colored varieties of crystal are provided along the perimeter of the product. They can be of very different shades and sizes. The maximum size for such modifications is 22 cm.

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